ReKast - a collaboration with Gutta Soles

Today, D'BRIS and GUTTA SOLES are announcing the first prototypes of the ReKast collaboration that will be available via digital auction starting on December 2nd 2021 at 18h CET throught December 9th 2021, 18h CET. These prototypes consist of original D'BRIS shoe bases made of ocean plastic and car tires, designed by GUTTA SOLES. All materials were sourced, supplied, and curated by the GUTTA SOLES production team in Accra, Ghana; including recycled fishing nets from local fishermen on the Korle Lagoon in Accra; as well as beading and hand sewn fabrics. As a shipping bonus, each pair will be shipped in a GUTTA SOLES up-cycled shoe bag/rucksack made from recycled fishing net, up-cycled cocoa sacks, and recycled fabrics from Ghana. ...

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Recycling is not a solution.

Trying to solve the plastic pollution problem with recycling feels like saving a sinking ship with a teaspoon. Yet, it’s too often treated as a disposal problem which only favors the companies who make billions of dollars producing new plastic at an ever increasing rate. 

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