D’BRIS comes from the word debris. Debris means scattered pieces of trash or remains. That is what D’BRIS shoes are made from. Our shoes are trash.

 It all began at a skatepark while complaining over a broken shoe and the lack of sustainable options. Shoes get worn out quickly and as surfers, we have experienced first-hand pollution in the oceans.

This was no easy task. Getting laughed at by the major fashion suppliers for textile companies at a tradeshow is really what fueled our vision and curiosity. We asked 100’s of industry leaders why there aren't more sustainable options on the market?  No one had a clear answer.

We've managed to make a competitively priced handcrafted shoe made from ocean plastic and car tires, which we launched on Kickstarter to be able to fund the production of the first batch of shoes. 

We aim to inspire other companies and industries to take similar courses in actions when it comes to sustainability in order to ensure a brighter future for our planet.